Last night I played the Under Armour commercial featuring Misty Copeland for my daughter.  When the commercial was done she said, “Mom she has a body like you – you could have been a ballerina!”  I swear, never in my lifetime would I have thought anyone would have said those words to me.

When I was a little girl I fantasized about being a ballerina.  I wanted so badly to learn how to dance gracefully.  I was captivated by their effortless leaping and jumping.  And in my head I had already told myself that I could not be one because I didn’t look like a ballerina.

My daughter has been told that she has the wrong feet for a gymnast.  My son has been told he is too small to play football.  I was made to believe that ballerinas weren’t full figured or short.  Who has the right to tell us what we can and cannot become?

I love the story of Misty Copeland and all those who have defied stereotypes.  We are a world of evolution, constantly setting new standards and breaking boundaries.  Be inspired to become who you want to be no matter what anyone says.  Be supportive to let your children become who they want to be no matter what you grew up with.  Be a part of the world that is evolving.

What can you become?

misty copeland

misty copeland

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