Today at my #corporateyoga class I guided the students into various twists. We did seated twists, kneeling twists, laying down twists, etc. I started off telling them how twists aide in digestion but that seemed rather basic in awareness. It makes sense – we twist and turn our torso and that is going to effect our digestion system. As the class proceeded and I allowed the idea of “digestion” to sit with me, I came up with this – What do you need to digest right now that is in your space that you have been resisting? And can you look at whatever that is, can you look at it as something that can fuel you in a positive way?

So for example, we eat food to give us energy, to give us pleasure, to give us comfort. We find ways to convince ourselves that the most unhealthiest foods have some sort of benefit. We say things like, “It tastes so good” or “I just love it” or “It was there and I was so hungry”. We allow food to fuel us regardless of how much nutrition is in it.

What is in your world that you need to digest or #accept or take in and then can you go an extra mile and let it give you a positive outcome?

Can you do that?

Think about that and do some twists today. See what comes up for you. Stay in the twist for at least 5-7 breaths and feel the benefit of the twist. Do your best to allow the twist to happen with breath, accept where your #body is and focus on the positive outcome of the twist. What is in your world that you need to digest / accept? And can you allow “that” to fuel you in a positive way? What Can You Digest?

be happy in your body and healthy with your choices


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