Today was “Walk To School Day” for my children.  We, I mean “I” was thrilled to walk but my kids were not so happy.  They complained.  They moaned.  They whined.  It was ridiculous.

As we were walking up to school, there was a woman holding a sign that says, “Wine Needed for Gala – Please Donate”.  I just so happen to have a very nice bottle of Petite Syrah straight from Napa.  Guess where that bottle is going … To the schools gala.

I get to school and they are asking parents to buy a class shirt for their child.  The cost is only $5.  I have a $20 bill and the office asks, “Do you want change?”   I am reading the shirt flyer and it says, “If you cannot afford a shirt your child will still be provided one from school funds.”  After reading that I tell the front office lady to apply my change to the funds to help pay for the children who cannot afford a shirt.

While I am walking away from the school I stop and talk to a mother who wants to know if I am going to “Coffee with the Principal”.  She says she wants to talk to the principal about a fitness program at recess.  She tells me about it and says, “Hey – would you want to host maybe once a week at lunch a little fitness activity for the kids? This way the school doesn’t have to pay an outdoor vendor.”  I say, “Sure – I can do that.”

So today I walked to school with my grumpy kids, gave away a bottle of wine you can’t get in SD, donated money so kids who can’t afford a shirt can get one AND offered to volunteer once a week hosting a fitness class for children to be more active.  This walk cost me a lot today!

What did it cost?

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What Did It Cost?

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