Almost three years ago I started LisaFIT. It was challenging to go on my own. It was sad to say goodbye to the fitness companies that were like family to me. It was scary to stamp my name on everything that I did. It has been exhausting, stressful, tiresome, expensive and one incredible journey that I would not change for anything.

Three years ago I followed what I have loved since the day I taught my first jazzercise class. I had no idea how many beautiful people I would meet along the way. I wasn’t aware how much my passion would affect others. I never imagined that this journey would open my eyes to my purpose, our purpose in life – to care!

Although fitness is my passion, my purpose is to care. We can all be authentic in our passions but there is only one purpose – to truly care. It’s to care about the earth. It’s to care about one another. It’s to care about yourself. It’s to care and to never stop.

What do you care about?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 97

What Do You Care About?

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