I had the biggest smile on my face while finally running.  I ran for twenty minutes straight.  My run started slow for ten and then I finally built my speed up to my average pace for seven minutes.  The last three minutes I couldn’t resist pushing myself so I increased the speed every minute.  Eventually sprinting the last one minute.

It has been over two months of rehab but I feel good about the choices I made. The choice to wear flip flops during the winter.  The choice to spend my money on chiropractic and acupuncture care.  The choice to foam roll my calves.  The choice to work on my diet.  The choice to rest.  Most of all the choice to focus on all the other parts of my body that felt strong and healthy.  It was challenging but we always have the choice.

What do you choose?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Trainer 19

What Do You Choose?

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