There is a phrase I hear often at work, “I had no choice” and it truly pains me to hear it.  I will read in someone’s fitness journal that they “had” to eat a donut.  I will hear from a client that they “had” to drink alcohol.  Why is it you feel you have no other choice?  Why do you put yourself in that position?

My first reaction to “I have no choice,” is to be sympathetic.  I want to be understanding to how someone feels because saying, “I have no choice” is just a feeling.  It is NOT your reality.  We ALWAYS have choices.  You may not see the choices that lie in front of you because guess what?  The choices that you are offered are reflections of where you are in life and what you have done up to that point.  See your life as it is, stop fooling yourself.  You may not “want” to hear there are other possibilities.  Acknowledging possibilities means you are responsible for your decision and the repercussions to that decision.  So start owning it.  Lastly and most importantly, you may not “like” any of the realistic and healthy options that are out there for you.  That’s really the heart of the matter for most, liking what your options are and doing what’s healthy versus what you like, want or feel.  You can tell yourself over and over, “I had no choice.”  It relinquishes you from owning your life.  It makes you a spectator in your movie.  It makes you a passenger in your drive.  It gives the weak a chance to deny their power.  It gives the sad a chance to blame others when their “choice” back fires.

I hate to be the one to tell you.  You don’t have to eat the donut just start packing your food.  You don’t have to drink alcohol to feel better just exercise.  You don’t have to do something that’s going to hurt others.  You don’t have to do something that will eventually hurt yourself.  You ALWAYS have choices.

What do you choose?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 102

What Do You Choose?

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