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What Do You Do When You Fall?

Here is a blurry still photo taken of my son competing for the first time in Creative Forms.  What you are seeing in the photo is his response to a tumble gone wrong.  He meant to do a front flip and land on his feet.  Instead he landed on his bottom.  At that point he had to make a decision.  My son landed, pulled himself into what you see – a seated tuck.  He looked up, nodded his head then jumped up, fixed his gi and made it look like it was part of his routine.

I don’t know if I would have been that composed.  I am not sure if he and I are cut from the same mold.  I do know that he surprised me with his ability to overcome the fall with fierceness.

Whether it be a physical fall, mental fall or emotional fall – can you get up with fierceness?  Or do you let the fall keep you down?

What do you do when you fall?

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