What Do You Max Out?
Meditating doesn’t come easy for me so I have to fold my body into a deep stretch to stay still. The beauty of this is that I get a good stretch while meditating. It is a 2 for 1. Not sure what all the pro-meditators would say about this, not even sure if there is such a thing as a pro-meditator but for me, it works!
What do you max out, meaning you do two things at once to get the most of your time?
Do you workout hard so that you can challenge your body and train your mind?
Do you cook healthy meals so that you can express your creative side while fueling your body?
Do you take a shower while stretching your muscles?
There are so many ways to MAX OUT to get the most out of your life. Let me know if you some help.
max out your meditation

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