The other day I took a yoga class and afterwards one of the teachers said to me, “You have a beautiful practice.”  I felt so complimented.  My yoga was “beautiful” to another person.  The word I heard was beautiful and that made me happy.  Then as the day progressed I realized that the word “practice” had a larger impact on me.

As a personal trainer, a mother, a friend, a partner, a human – I  practice.  I make mistakes.  I fall and fumble.  I get things wrong.  I misunderstand many.  Shoot – I misspell even with spell check.  I laugh when I think I have gotten “it” right because I know soon enough the forces beyond me will humble me to keep practicing.

So I keep practicing, not to perfection but to participate in living a loving life full of forgiveness and skinned knees.  Those of you who think you have perfected “it”, let me know how that is working for you.  The rest of us, what do you practice?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Trainer 21

What Do You Practice?

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