I am out to dinner with friends and as we all sit down to look at menus someone says, “I really want to eat healthier.”  Someone else says, “I want to get into shape.”  The waiter comes, takes orders and I hear things like
pizza, fish and chips, a burger with fries being ordered.  This is the same table that just all spoke about their wants to be better and yet in a split second they are choosing to not put action to their words.

It’s frustrating.  People telling me what they want and then doing something different.  You want to be leaner but then you eat fast food.  You want to be healthier but then you drink alcohol every night.  You want to feel better but then you stay up late.  You want more money but then you spend too much money.  You want to be happy but you complain about unhappy stuff.  You want peace but you allow things to steal your peace.  You want love but then you push love away.  Sound familiar?

Make up your mind.  Write down what you want and how to get it.  Then don’t do anything else that would prevent you from having what you want.  Don’t sway from your decision.  Stay focus on what you want and do something about it besides talking about it.  You want health – then work on it.  You want happiness – then work on it.  You want peace – then work on it.

What do you want?

(What do you think this person really wants?)

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 161

What Do You Want?

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