What is your mask covering

I recently joined a gym. Yes, I have succumb to wearing a mask while working out. I couldn’t take it anymore. I miss the camaraderie of sweaty bodies, muscle pumping, people wanting to get stronger all in one space plus my studio’s heaviest weights are 30LBs and since I am such a stud muffin, I need heavier weights. I dislike wearing a mask to workout. I am aware of all the great “exercise” masks out there. It just really sucks. I breathe heavily. I drink water often. I swear. I move my lips to music. ALL of that gets hindered while wearing a mask. My whole experience is different now.
One thing that was weird though that I must bring to your attention. Since I had the mask on, I felt more comfortable to take my jacket off and train in just a tank top and shorts, very strange. I no longer felt the need to cover up my stretch marks, loose skin stomach. WHY?!? I have no friggin idea. I felt so overly covered up with“the mask” that it just felt right to shed something else.

So do you wear a mask?

Has it helped you to feel covered up?

I think since we all have to wear the mask we should shed a different mask.

Let people see the real you.

Take off a layer of what you have been hiding.

Reveal something vulnerable.

Be okay with showing your true self.

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