my therapy

I see all your photos of sunrises, sunsets, clouds, waves, mountains and snow but what does that do for you?

How are you effected by seeing nature’s beauties?

What happens when you get to witness mother earth at her finest?

I ask because I was curious if it is therapy for you.

Does looking at the endless ocean give you hope?
Does seeing the sunset bring you a sense of fulfillment?
Does looking at mountain peaks spark goals?
Does seeing blankets of snow allow you to start with a clean slate?

I ask because it is therapy for me.

I take whatever I can to have a therapeutic experience.
I run every morning to clear my mind.
I meditate after my run to get out of my body.
I work out every day to push my spirit.
I write every night for the sake of my soul

What is your therapy?
I also talk to a therapist once a week.

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