It’s no surprise to any of my clients what’s in store for them when they walk into my studio. I am going to challenge them. I am going to push them outside their comfort levels. I am going to send their body into stress mode. It’s the price they pay when they hire me to help change their body. They pay a price but guess what, so do I.

The way a client reacts towards the sessions designed for them might surprise you. A lot of clients give me dirty looks. Some clients yell at me. A few clients hit me. One time a client walked out and never returned. I pay a price. It’s my job and I don’t take it personal but why do people react like this? Why do challenges create frustration? Why does being pushed outside comfort levels elicit anger? Why is stress the common excuse to be mean? Why would you hurt the one that wants to help?

There is a big price that you pay when you push away those that want to help you. You find yourself alone in the world. Is it worth the price? Can you let challenges go to create closeness? Can living outside your comfort level elicit self awareness? Can stress be the common reason for relying on others who care about you? If you can’t or you won’t or you answered “No” then…

What price do you pay?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 98

What Price Do You Pay?

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