I am home sick.  Since I am not working out or going to work where I get to work out other people, I am watching people working out on The Biggest Loser.  I really like this show because it clearly states the mental, emotional aspect of weight gain and loss.

The contestants work hard throughout the entire week before each weigh in.  They are eating healthy.  They are exercising more.  This all results in them feeling better about themselves.  Some report their cholesterol is better. Others say they are no longer at risk for diabetes.  They have more energy, less pain and an overall better sense of health and wellness.  But all of that seems to not matter when they stand on the scale and see their weight. That’s the part I don’t like.  The negative feelings they carry when they haven’t lost as much weight seems to out weigh (no pun intended) all their hard work.  I know it’s tv but those feelings weigh heavy on a person and that matters.

It’s a sad shame that we see them so down when they are truly in a better emotional and physical state.  For almost the entire hour we get to witness their strengths both in and out of the gym.  We watch them triumph over struggles.  We hear them say how happy they are with themselves.  That’s what matters!

If you are trying to lose weight please focus on what matters.  How well do you sleep?  How much water do you drink?  How many vegetables do you eat a day?  How strong do you feel?  How well do you manage your stress? All of those matter “weigh” more than what the scale reads.

I encourage you to watch the show but understand –

What really matters?

What Really Matters?

What Really Matters?

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