What’s Your Gift?

What's Your Gift?
You are looking at four beautifully wrapped packages of Mala supplies. Sandy, I will call her the Mala Maker - has been the most incredible person to work with. She went above and beyond to put together bead kits for everyone who didn’t want to hunt down their supplies, me included. Each box has 108 beads, colored string, threading needles and guru bead - all customized to what people ordered. I haven’t opened mine but she says we all have extra beads from her personal bead stash. The wrapping is so elegant I do not want to unwrap it. On the outside, hangs a little glass jar with a real (not alive) Monarch butterfly. Sandy calls herself a “Monarch Geek” and you can read on her website, https://www.monarchgeek.com that she has a “Mala for Monarch” page. She is a gift to us all in helping to keep Monarch Butterflies thriving and creating Malas on Friday, October 2.
It is obvious that Sandy has a gift for Monarch Butterflies and Mala bead making. She is passionate to the point that it’s effortless for her to be generous and loving when it comes to those two things. That is how you know it is a gift. It flows and radiates from your soul.
We all have gifts to offer to those around us. We are here to serve. We were born to radiate.
What is your gift?
What do you offer?
How do you serve?
What takes little effort because you love it so much?
What flows from you and radiates to those around you?
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