Most of my clients share sessions.  I think it is a good way to reduce cost, do more sessions per week and meet other people with the same goal.  We are social beings and enduring change with another person is very comforting.

Although it has come to my attention that there is another reason why people share sessions.  They do not want to have me all to themselves.  Say WHAT?!  This is what I hear, “I have to mentally prepare myself for solo sessions with you Lisa”,  “The workouts are too intense when its just me and you” and this is my personal favorite, “I just can’t handle you all by myself.”

I admit, I am very intense.  I am in your space.  I don’t take my eyes off of you.  I don’t let you get distracted.  I am constantly reminding you of what you should be feeling.  I am continuously pushing the boundaries.

LisaFit Fitness Training

LisaFit Fitness Trainer

Why so intense?  It’s who I am and what has created LisaFIT. You can do “moderate” or “light” on your own.  You can create distance and walls in your own space but with me it’s intense and intimate.  It’s what makes people feel safe in my studio.  It’s what allows me to know peoples body sometimes better than they know their own.  Its what keeps me present.  It’s what gets my clients results.  It is Focus, Intense, Training.  It is LisaFIT!

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