Yesterday I posted an ad for organic foods on sale at a local market. I since have made my grocery list or what I like to call, plan of attack.

What is your plan of attack

I call it a plan of attack because when I walk into a grocery store I feel like I have to be ready, be prepared, be strong. I have to get pass the chip aisle, the bottles of wine and even at checkout there are the chocolates. Lastly I like to make sure that I buy what’s on sale and not get distracted by pretty packaging or what’s “new”. So – I walk into a grocery store with a plan of attack.

It’s pretty much like that in all areas of my life that I want to succeed in. I have found that if I sit down and write out what I want and all the details on how to get what I want, then I have a better chance of succeeding. Versus if I don’t write it down and just jump right into something hoping I will do it right or thinking that I have it all in my head – the outcome is usually bleak.

For instance if you walk into your grocery store without a list, how many of you walk out saying “Oh shoot I forgot …..” or thought, “How in the world did I spend so much money?” Or last but not least and my personal favorite, “I just walked in to get a few things …..”

You need a plan of attack. You need one for the grocery shopping, for buying a house, saving for retirement and even taking a vacation. There needs to be something written down holding you accountable for what you want. You need to think it, write it, see it and be able to check it off your list when you are done.

What’s your list? Or plan of attack?

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