LisaFIT Training 43

When Are You Sore?

Sometimes my workouts surprise me.  I can do the most insane exercise, going to failure, little down time, pushing the weight limits and the next day I am not sore at all.  Nothing in my body is tender or sensitive and I am amazed.  Then I can do an easy day, light weights, more rest time, lots of stretching and the next day I can be super sore.

It’s the strange philosophy that maybe things can be easy to effect us, to make us more sensitive and experience tenderness which is soreness.  We are sometimes programed to think that difficulty equals accomplished or challenges lends to change.  I know for myself that for the last 20 years or so I don’t think I knew what it was like to be effected by easy.  I felt that things had to be hard for there to be worth.  It isn’t until you experience the miraculous feeling of natural ease that you get just how powerful it can be in your life.  It’s the moment you take your first step for a run and you feel light and free.  It’s when you choose to take a path and everything falls into place.  It’s when you can stare into someones eyes and know exactly what they are feeling.  It can penetrate your entire being in such a way that you will never the be same.  Easy can make you tender, sensitive and “sore” to your most inner core – your heart.

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