People ask me all the time when do I cheat on my diet.  I am always hesitant to acknowledge that question.  It never seems like a positive view thinking that I am “cheating”.  I suppose a better version of that question would be, “What do you like to indulge in?”  I like to have a glass of wine with friends.  I enjoy taking a bite of dessert.  I drink the samples at Starbucks.  I enjoy the tastings at farmers markets.  I don’t deny myself the opportunity to share in the moment with friends and family.  I rarely pass up the chance to connect with people and what better way than when they say, “Oh my gosh – you must try this…”   Don’t schedule a “cheat” day or look forward to when you can eat whatever you want.

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When Do You Cheat?

Try to view your food as a way to keep you feeling good and staying healthy which is an indulgence in itself for many of us – caring for yourself.  Enjoy all the opportunities to indulge with friends and family.  Just don’t attach any guilt to your indulgences.  Its all pure joy when you don’t “cheat”.

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