For the most part - I am the kindest, most empathetic, compassionate, forgiving and tolerant person you will ever meet. I don’t get even or hold grudges. I am not spiteful nor do I act on ill intentions. I have never flipped someone off and can’t remember the last time I told someone off. I speak up for the underdog. I walk away from hostility. I rescue bugs in the house and gently place them outside.

In the gym I am a badass. I swear. I grunt. I cuss. I groan. I blast my music so I don’t have to hear you. I look past you because I don’t want to see you. I never smile because I am too busy mouthing the lyrics to vulgar crude music. I roughly towel-off sweat. I drink water holding big gulps in my mouth. I pick my underwear out of my butt. I use my shirt to wipe my face. I feel like a badass.

It feels so good. It is what I have missed. October 2019 I removed myself from the gym due to pain. I worked patiently and consistently to rehabilitate myself back to health. It has been 14 months and I knew I missed the gym but I couldn’t’ quite describe what I was lacking or did I realize how not going to the gym was effecting my psyche.

I was missing the badass in me. I needed the balance in my life. I needed that outlet in my day. I needed the yang to my yin.

I needed AND need to be a badass.
I am so grateful to be back and SUPER SORE!

Where do you get to be a badass?

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