This guy at the gym asks me the other day, “Where do you go when you run?”  I am confused because I run right next to him on the same treadmill, morning after morning or shall I say, crack of dawn after crack of dawn.  I look at him puzzled by the question.  He says, “I mean you stare off into space.”

I just smile, nod my head and keep running but in my mind I am thinking about the question.  Where do I go?  I go running- away from my stress, away from any pains and away from my never ending “to do” list.  I run forward into the unknown future.  I look ahead with an open mindset.  I move my body as if this is the only chance I have to give to myself today.  Where do I run?  I run into a meditative state of bliss!

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Where Do You Run?

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