Do you remember that commercial back in 1984? There are three people looking at a huge burger bun. One of them lifts the bun and sees a tiny meat patty. A lady says, “Where’s the beef?” That phrase became so popular, as it questioned reality. Do you ever question your reality? A lot of us hold onto what we think is our reality but it’s really a blend of facts, thoughts and feelings. 
Your reality is just the facts of an experience. Your thoughts and feelings around a fact can be ever changing based on so many factors – maturity, knowledge, comprehension, etc.  Lastly – what you create from your reality will either help you or hinder you. Does that make sense?
For example –
The facts – My partner cheated on me
My thoughts – I am not enough 
My feelings – I feel anger towards relationships
My reactions – I don’t want to be with anyone 
The facts – My partner cheated on me
My thoughts – They are not enough
My feelings – I feel thankful to be set free
My reactions – I want to find someone better for me

See how the facts can give forth to two totally different reactions based on your thoughts and feelings. 
Look at the facts. Can you think of a different side to it – So that your feelings around it can be positive and your reactions from it can be empowering?
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DAY 9 On the ninth day of wellness that LisaFIT gave to me – (sing to the tune of “First day of Christmas”…, don’t make me sing it for you.)

Definition of being upside down:
Head is lower than heart and heart is lower than hips – that is it. 
A few ways:
Hang your body off the side of your bed
Bend at your hips and reach for the floor
Get a fancy inversion table
Strike a downward dog, yoga pose
Do a handstand against the wall
Whatever you decide to do – hold it for at least nine seconds. If you are struggling with a thought about something, hang in there longer. Flipping your body physically does wonders for flipping your mentality.

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