It’s been several days since I have been to the gym.  I know, I know- I work at a gym.  I even have a gym at home.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have exercised.  I have gone for runs.  I sit on my bike at work and get all my emails and paperwork done.  I stretch, foam roll and do yoga all on my own.  BUT – nothing is like going to “the gym”.  It’s my escape!

As soon as I park my car I put my headphones on.  I sing as I strut myself into the gym.  Entering the gym I feel as if I am walking into my childhood home, “I am home.”  Lock my stuff up and head to the gym floor.  I find a
piece of cardio equipment available and jump on.  I am not picky.  Look through my playlist for the ONE inspirational song of the day to repeat 3-4 times so I can get a quick 10 min warm up.  That song is my mantra, my chant, my theme.  After that I literally check out.  I stare off into space.  I look pass people.  I feel nothing but my heart rate getting faster.  I hear nothing but my music and breath.  I see nothing but sweat dripping off of me.  I have escaped!

So now you have my secret.  I head to the gym to escape.  It’s healthier than a cocktail.  It’s cheaper than a vacation.

Where’s your escape?

Where's Your Escape?

Where’s Your Escape?

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