For four years you have been there for me. You have made me feel stronger when I felt weak. You have made me laugh when I was in a bad mood. You have motivated me when I was ready to quit. You have inspired me when I checked out. You keep passion in my world. You bring me intimacy. You are my love.

I love having LisaFIT. It has made me the person I am today. Every morning I walk in, switch on lights, turn on the music and DANCE with gratitude and happiness. I am truly blessed to be a part of so many peoples’ lives. I am thankful that you come back day after day. I am honored that you trust me to be your partner in the race of health and wellness. I am filled with joy that I get to walk, talk, share, experience fitness with you.

To all of you, past, present and future clients – those of you who wonder how do I stay so excited about working out. How does she do it? I do it because of YOU! I do it because I am super jazzed that you chose me. I do it because it is amazing that out of all the trainers out there, you picked me. I do it because YOU make me a better me.

Happy Four Years LisaFIT!!I can’t think of any other relationship that has graced me with so much laughter, tears, stories and experiences. If only the walls could talk…


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