It’s that time of the year – tax season! Do you do your own taxes or do you hire someone? I find that some people hire a professional because they believe that the years of experience and expertise a professional has is beneficial in getting the best results. Then there are others who feel it’s a waste of money because they think they can do it just as well as someone who does it for a living. As for me – I hire someone because I know the benefits of a person who studies one subject, who is well versed in one trade, who immerses themselves into the nitty gritty of one speciality. I hire a tax accountant to do my taxes. I pay to have my hair colored. I get my teeth professionally cleaned four times a year. I hired a dog trainer to help with obedience. I am sure I could do my own taxes, color my own hair, brush my teeth with special tools, train my dog on my own – but would I get the best results? Probably not. 
I am not the type person to think, “I know more” or “I can do it just as good” – because guess what? There is no way you know more than someone who studies and researches. There is no way you could do it better than someone who does it every single day.
If the world was filled with thinkers, “I can do it just as good as you” then I would be out of work. I know most people cannot train themselves as efficiently or effectively as I can. I do this every single day. I read fitness. I see fitness. I study fitness. I have so many resources to learn more fitness. It is my life and unless it’s your life – hire a professional if you want the best results.
Here is a photo of me at peace, done with my taxes!

be happy in your body and healthy with your choices


“be happy in your body and healthy with your choices”

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