I have your “back”.  When you feel like you need to drop the weights, I am right there carrying some of the load.  When you think you can’t go any longer on the bike, I am right there cheering you on.  When you think you aren’t able to stretch further, I am right there breathing with you to go deeper.  I have your back!

I can only be the trainer I am because I have a team of people who have my “back”.  They are here to help, heal, aid, inform and care for me with no ill intention or ulterior motive.  It is the best feeling when I can go to someone for help and feel that they genuinely care.  I don’t feel judged.  I don’t feel competition.  I don’t feel they
just want my money.  I feel pure support and honest intentions.

Recently I have had to go back to my acupuncturist for neck and back pain.  She literally has my back and then some.  My session the other day had me in tears which normally a lot of people would be embarrassed.  Instead I felt comfortable
to release my need to fight my tears.  Instead of holding back my emotion, I was in a space to let it go.

A lot of clients do the same in my studio and I am here to say that it’s a good thing!  We need a safe space to just let go and not hide.  We all need someone who has our back.

Who’s got your back?

Thank you Miriam!

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 76

Who’s Got Your Back?

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