I feel like I step into some sort of motherly role when I become your trainer – weird huh?  I don’t know if its because I am helping you.  I am
not sure if its because I end up caring about you so much.  It could be as simple as I am a mother already so it’s natural for me to take that role.  Either way – I end up becoming your MamaFIT.

I send you reminder texts.  I email you great ideas.  I am eager to feed you when you step into my studio.  I get to watch you change and grow.  Once you meet your goals I get to set you free like a mama bird does to her baby bird flying away from the nest.  I am your MamaFIT.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 61

Whose Your Mama?

Here are some protein pancakes that I gladly offer to you when you are hungry at my studio.  Baked with love and I watch with joy as they fuel you.  Just like your mother would do.

Whose your mama?

Happy Mothers Day!

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