I hear people say to me all the time, “I want to lose weight”, or “I want to get into shape”, or “I need to be healthier”. I can be out with friends, at a family gathering, in my work clothes at the grocery store or even sometimes at my children’s school. It really doesn’t matter where I am, or who says it. The bottom line is, “Why aren’t you taking action?”

In my head I am thinking, “How much weight do you have to gain before you decide to take action?” In my mind I am wondering, “How out of shape do you have to be before you take action?” In my world I am questioning, “When does your health become important enough for you to take action?” The bottom line is, “Why aren’t you taking action?”

What makes a person talk about something but not take action? I have been told by very wise people that there are actual reasons why people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.
1) There is something for them to gain by keeping their current situation. It may be that they like to have something to complain about or that people will sympathize with them or even, commiseration amongst those in similar situations.
2) They come up with too many excuses which means that their current situation isn’t really that terrible. If you really want something THAT bad, then you do whatever you can to make it happen no matter what.
3) They are afraid to fail which prevents them from taking action. It’s true – if you never start then you won’t fail but you won’t ever succeed either.

Think about something that you have been talking about doing for a long time now. What has stopped you?

Why aren’t you taking action?

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Why Aren’t You Taking Action?

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