Sometimes when I am training a client the exercises I am giving them aren’t working.  Sometimes when I am offering nutritional guidance, my suggestions are not working.  Sometimes I feel like I am at a loss, like I just don’t know what to do.  One exercise gives them pain.  Another exercise they don’t feel it in the right place.  One diet makes them tired.  One diet makes them hungry.  Why isn’t it working?

So I follow these three guidelines to things that aren’t working.
1) When I am not sure – I retreat
2) When I don’t know – I research
3) When I can’t do anymore – I refer out

When my efforts are not working I step back.  I look at the client carefully – their gait, their posture, their movement, their stillness.  I take a birds eye view of what is going on.  I try to see a different perspective.  I look at myself as a trainer and see how I might be missing something.
When I am not sure what to do I ask.  I ask the client.  I inquire.  I go through their entire day and diet again as if they were a new client.  I seek advice of others.  I read.  I write.  I study.
When I feel that I have exhausted my means, I suggest they seek a different professional.  I am confident that I give my all and work diligently to help but sometimes what someones needs is not better but just different.

I don’t know why it isn’t working but I do know that I won’t waste your time.  I will retreat, research and refer out if needed.  In other words – I will walk away, get help and say “Goodbye” if it isn’t working.

Why isn’t it working?

Why isn;t it working?

Why isn;t it working?

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