What happens when you get to the gym and can’t find parking?  What do you do when all the cardio machines are taken up?  How about if you get to the gym and you forgot your socks or water bottle or ear buds?  Will you leave the gym?

So many of us get aggravated and easily discouraged.  We let little annoyances steal our peace.  We allow small details to actually determine the way of our future goals.  How many of you will honestly leave the gym, walk away from a goal or ruin a relationship?

We are constantly being tested to see how we will react.  Things are put in our path to see how firmly we can stay on course.  Obstacles are dropped in front of us to confirm our strength to overcome them.  Dreams, Love, Goals – they don’t come easy and many will walk away owning just their excuses.

Will you leave the gym?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 51

Will You Leave The Gym?

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