In my line of work I see people either at their worse or their best.  I see them early in the morning and they are grumpy towards me.  I see them after a long day at work and they are testy with me.  I see them after they get into a fight with their partner, boss or children and they yell at me.  I see them when things go wrong with their life and they take it out on me.  I know they don’t mean to but it happens.  My studio seems to be a safe place to “unload”.  For instance, a client walks in and starts riding a bike to warm up and I ask them, “How are you doing?”  They may be casual about how things are in their life but as soon as the workout gets harder it always comes out one way or another.  As soon as the body perceives stress no matter if it is physical stress, the body has to get rid of any other stress, mental or emotional.  The client “unloads”.

We all need to “unload”, empty our stress pots, decompress, de-stress.  It is always the ones closest to us that get the ugliest version of this.  So although I don’t enjoy the grumpiness, shortness or yelling, I realize that I am close to them.  I am the one they trust.  They can rely on me to be peppy in the morning when they are grumpy.  They can rely on me to be patient when they are testy.  They can rely on me to stay calm when they yell.  In my line of work these are priceless skills.  A person walking into my studio is coming because they feel in some way they are at their worse and they are trusting me to help them become their best.

I am lucky to be so close to so many to see their worse and their best.

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer

Worse or Best?

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