When To Fight – what did you think I meant?  I am telling you that life is constantly throwing things, people, issues, obstacles, etc in front of me and in my head I am thinking, “Pick my battles” which is why I say, “WTF – When to fight?”  I have no idea which battles I am suppose to rise to the occasion and put up a fight
and which ones I am suppose to cut my losses and walk away.  Plus it doesn’t help that I am one of the most indecisive persons you will ever meet.

But in the gym, it is a total different story.  I put up a fight!  So when I get clients that don’t “fight” through a workout, I go into my toughest LisaFIT mode.  I tell the clients, “Come On!  Here is where you need to fight!”  “Here is where the fighting is a guarantee win!”  “Here it’s just you fighting against yourself and I promise – you won’t get hurt.”  With that I get two types of people.  Those that will work so hard that when it is time to stop they literally fall to the ground.  When it comes near the end, they push harder because they know it is temporary.  When I tell them to go five more seconds, they don’t stop when I countdown and say, “One”.  Those people do one more rep and collapse.  Then there are the other types of people who pace themselves.  I find them to be hard workers but different.  When nearing the end of an exercise they will drop the weight at their third to last repetition.  When there is a countdown they will stop at five seconds left.  They are still pushing themselves but there is one element that I don’t get.  They aren’t fighting.  I can tell when someone is at their end.  I can see when someone can’t do anymore.  I know when someone is fighting and when someone is NOT fighting.

When to fight?  I can’t tell you if you should fight for a job, a relationship, an opinion, a decision, etc.  I have enough problems making those decisions for myself.  What I can tell you is that the moment you step into my gym, my studio, my space – the moment you are with me, you have to fight.  Because the second I get the feeling
that I want it more than you do, that I am fighting harder than you are – is the same second that you have lost.

When to fight?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 127

When to fight?

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