I have been teaching a bootcamp class once a week outside of LisaFIT for about four months now. It has been “fun” and I put fun in quotation marks because I am struggling. I have been challenged by a whole new excuse. The excuse, “I know my body.” I almost fell for that. You almost had me convinced that that was a valid excuse. For four months I have looked the other way while you did your own thing. For four months I have given you modifications not because you are injured or hurt but because you were afraid it WOULD or COULD hurt you. For four months I have witnessed you limiting yourself all because, “I know my body.” Really?!?

Okay bootcampers – it has been four months and now I know your body so game on! You almost had me convinced that I should leave you alone. You almost had me convinced that I should let you do the same thing over and over hoping for results but not getting them. You had me there for a second but my true desire to help you and genuine intention to get you results has stepped in and now I am back to my LisaFIT-senses, sort of like Spidey-senses but think fitness geared.

We will inhale strength and exhale weakness. We will focus on the potential and let go of limitations and judgements. We will chant – “Let my body surprise me” until we can’t chant no more. Dear Bootcampers, I am so sorry for the past four months – you have been getting a water-downed version of LisaFIT. I was under some sort of spell listening to the words, “I know my body” but guess what? I KNOW YOUR BODY and it is so much stronger than you believe it to be. There is just one excuse that holds you back, your mind!

~be happy with your body and healthy in your choices ~ NO EXCUSES!


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