This is my morning. I get up at 430AM and do some sort of cardio to get my sweat on. I shower while listening to NPR. I drive to work while eating a piece of Ezekiel bread with peanut butter and drinking a cup of coffee. The streets are quiet and dark so I roll my windows down and play my music loudly. By the time I get to work most of you are still asleep and some of you are getting out of bed. Sometimes I am tired but most of the times I am lonely. No one gets to share my mornings with me.

I may not like getting up at 430AM every morning. I don’t always want to exercise while the rest of the world sleeps. I would love to be able to sit down and eat breakfast at a table or sip coffee in bed. It would be nice not driving to work while it’s still dark. But I do all of this because I know how hard it is to do alone. Trust me, I do it every morning and I don’t expect you to do it alone.

What if it were different? What if you got up because you knew someone was waiting for you? What if you weren’t the only one awake exercising? What if your bed head made others laugh? What if wearing your shirt inside out was a common funny? What if you could come to a place where other people wanted to see you? What if you could share your morning?

That is how it has been for the past 3 years for people at LisaFIT. I have shared my mornings with people who would have been strangers if it weren’t for LisaFIT. I get to watch them act like siblings, ganging up on me. I get to see them grow bonds over the pains of being pushed. I get to listen to them commiserate about dreading another workout. I get to witness them be a fitness family for one hour. A part of me is envious but most of all, I am blessed because I get to share someone else’s morning.

Do you get to share your morning?


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