strike 3

Three Strikes – I Am Out!

I am an effin rule follower to a fault. I am no good at fibbing for the sake of personal gain. I suck at exaggerating the truth to get away with something. I am not a good faker, cheater, bull shitter or liar. I am the worse.
That isn’t to say I haven’t tried all of the above. It just never fairs well for me. I get super sweaty. I start to giggle. I stumble my words. I say too much. I feel guilty. I end up singing like a canary.

Here we are in the midst of a pandemic. A lot of people are scrambling around trying to get the COVID vaccine. I know so many people who have fudged, slightly skewed, didn’t disclose and straight out lied to get the vaccine. What do I do? I try to work, wait and be honest.

STRIKE 1 - I sign up to work to get the vaccine. I schedule myself the full SEVEN HOUR shift, marking off work, family and friends only to get an email 24 hours within my shift saying, “We are canceling….” Mind you the entire week leading up to my canceled shift I am told I could have my job site changed, my job description changed, and I could work up to ten hours. WTF!

STRIKE 2 - I go sit for THREE AND A HALF hours waiting to get leftover vaccinations only to be accused of cheating and cutting a line because the COVID staff person told me, “Go sit down over there, there is no line” but clearly there is some sort of makeshift procedure created by the people waiting. PLUS – the staff ends up taking the first ten 60year-old and up people and will not let anyone know if there are more shots available. WTF!

STRIKE 3 – I read an article about how Californians are going to cheat the system to get their vaccinations.
The next time you see me, I will be a pregnant, teacher who cares for her elderly parent that has a mental health condition that puts me at risk but by law you cannot ask me about – so take that!

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