I truly enjoy a strong cup of coffee and a sweet something sumthin. The thought of a steamy americano and a freshly baked old fashion donut makes my mouth water. I rarely indulge and I owe it to my morning coffee and Perfect Bar combo. I make a mean French press coffee and I buy Perfect Bars when I can get them on sale. I pace myself with my morning indulge because I know it needs to hold me over until the next sale.

It is the simple joys that do the trick. Doing daily things that bring a smile to your face will be your best bet to enjoying your life consistently and continuously. It will prevent you from going to the “I will be happy when….”  and it will eliminate the “I can’t wait until __________ to be happy.”

It is great to plan for a relaxing vacation. It is wonderful to look forward to a gourmet meal. It definitely feels good to spoil yourself with a spa day. But let’s be real - we aren’t doing that daily and we can’t be waiting for those days to come before we feel good.

What are your simple joys? Things that you can invite into your world right now that will bring a smile to your face.

It is the simple joys that will create your homeostasis of happiness.

Be Healthy - Be Happy

No Excuses!

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