I can’t believe it.  In the ocean a surfer just said to me, “You wussed out!  You had that wave and then you just stopped paddling.  Why did you do that?”

In my head, it just doesn’t feel right.  Me, board and a wave just seems like an equation for injury.  Letting water propel my body while I stand on a long piece of fiberglass just scares the S- – T out of me. Then I realized that I was saying the same things my clients say.  “It doesn’t feel right.”  “I don’t want to feel pain or get hurt.” “I am scared.”  And what do I tell them?  It’s not going to feel right because you haven’t done it long enough.  You are going to feel some pain, its part of the process and everything of value comes with chances of getting hurt.  You can be scared but don’t let that change what you are doing.

I don’t want to wuss out.  I don’t want to miss more opportunities to do things that are new or coming my way. I don’t want to let the thought of getting hurt stop me from experiencing life.  I don’t want to let fear dictate my future.  So here I go back into the ocean to catch a wave!

Do you wuss out?

LisaFIT San Diego Personal Fitness Trainer 75

Are You A Wuss?

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