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Are you an artist?

The other day I had a past client pay me a compliment.  He said, “You were the best trainer.”  My reply to that is, “Thank you.  I love what I do.”

When I lecture on personal training I ask the students, “Why do you want to be a personal trainer?”  I get similar answers, “I love fitness”, “I am passionate about health”, “I want to help people”.  So it’s obvious that a
lot of people love what they do in the field of personal training but are they an artist?

Anyone who can teach a certain exercise to a client is a laborer.  A trainer who can teach and think about how to fit that exercise to meet the needs of their client – that is a craftsman.  The professional who can teach, think
and inspire their client not just with words but a certain energy that makes the client feel safe, supported and truly cared for – that is an artist.

I am an artist!

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