If you do a basic squat you can quickly feel your legs working.  If you pick up weights while doing a squat you can get your thighs to burn faster, you activate your back and abdominal muscles plus if you bend your elbows you can engage your arms.  If you then decide to take the weights and your squat and walk onto an uneven surface then you are playing in LisaFIT territory.  Everything starts to work hard and you have to really think about what you are doing.  This is a balanced exercise.  You get upper body (weight in hands), middle body (keeping yourself balanced), lower body (squats) all training at once along with your mind.

Rarely do we go through our day to day activities moving just one muscle or moving just one joint.  Why should your workouts be any different?  Unless you are recovering from an injury or training for a bodybuilding show, you really have no reason to do a seated bicep curl or a standing squat or a laying down hamstring curl or a bench press.  Save your laying down for stretching, abdominal exercises or better yet – more sleep.  And why sit down more than you already do?  Become balanced in your workouts.

Rarely do we go through life thinking about just one thing.  Nothing is isolated.  Our work life effects our personal life.  Our mental stress effects our physical stress.  Life is relentlessly throwing curve balls our way to make sure we are paying attention.  Our journeys are filled with road blocks and hills, the ups and downs of life that challenge our state of being balanced.  All we can do is practice being balanced so why not start with your workouts?

Begin to incorporate multi-movement exercises.  Try to go into your workouts with the mind set that you are going to balance your body instead of Monday is chest and biceps, Tuesday is back and triceps, etc or the even the mentality weights first then cardio then abs.  The idea is that you keep your heart pumping the entire time,  your abdominals and back stay engaged the entire time, your muscles are working together the entire time.  Your mind has to stay focused on the activity because there is so much going on the entire time.  That is being balanced.

Are you balanced?

Squats with LisaFIT

Are You Balanced?

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