PART 2 of me getting the COVID-19. I get to make an appointment with Sharp because I sign myself up as “other essential worker”. I print up all of my certifications and accreditations plus my CPR and insurance. I bring the letter you see above which is just me talking about me being essential. I literally show up with a bunch of paperwork ready to “prove” I am essential.

I am tired because I didn’t sleep well the night before worrying that they won’t think I am essential.

I am sweating profusely walking through the check in areas wondering when they are going to ask me what type of essential worker I am.

My stomach is in knots in anticipation of having to show my essential paperwork.

I keep thinking someone is going to ask me “Why are you essential?”
I get the shot. No one asked, “Are you essential?”
I don’t ever want to prove that I am essential. Take my word for it.

are you essential

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