Second day of surfing and it seems the question of the day is, “Are you good?”

I am so hesitant to answer that question. I am by far not experienced at surfing. I am guessing that to many standards I would be considered, “not good”. I just don’t like to think of myself as not good. It doesn’t get me excited. It sparks a bad mindset.

So many people stop themselves from experiencing things because they are “not good”.

That just SUCKS!

Who decided that you have to be good at something or anything to enjoy it?

are you good

I am not good at following recipes while cooking but I love to cook.
I am not a good singer, but I will belt it out if a favorite tune comes on and I love it.
I am not good with plants, but I never stop trying because I love gardening.
Here is how I surf:
I wear a dive suit.
I use a foamboard.
I paddle the whitewash.
I surf the bubbles.
I kneel.
I stand.
I fall.
I repeat.

You can decide for yourself if I am good or not. A better question is, “Do you have fun?”

I have the most amazing fifteen minutes of my life. I enjoy seeing the sunrise as I get to the beach. I am so happy to be one of the few people out in the ocean. I love the first splash of cold water on my face. I enjoy studying the swells. I get a rush when a wave picks me up. I am so thrilled to be exhausted by nature.

Go do something you are “not good at” and have a really good time.

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