I am all about health and fitness.  I live, eat, breathe it but that doesn’t mean that I HAVE to go to the gym no matter what.  It doesn’t mean I have to spend hours working out.  It means I choose healthy and fit options when
given the chance.  I take it easy when I am tired instead of drinking a double espresso.  I walk to the store instead of drive.  I drink water instead of juice or soda.  I sleep instead of watching television at night.  I don’t keep alcohol in my home or desserts.

You don’t have to workout everyday to be healthy and fit. In fact, lets say you get to the gym five times a week for an hour but you are drinking coffee to get yourself there.  You are sitting in your car all day.  You are drinking soda with your meals.  You are staying up watching TV.  You are drinking alcohol every day after work.  You have dessert every night after dinner.  Lets just say that is you.  You are not healthy and fit just because you go to the gym.

I see most clients two to three times a week for an hour but is it enough to be healthy and fit?  Hell NO! That is 2-3 hours of their week.  What are they doing the other 165 hours?  Just because you workout with me doesn’t make you healthy and fit.  You need to constantly keep choosing healthy and fit options.  It isn’t something that you can buy a membership to.  It isn’t someone you can hire to do it for you.  It isn’t even an app that can keep
track for you.  It isn’t found in a pill.  It isn’t seen as lean or muscular.  Its you making healthy and fit choices: spiritually, soulfully and seriously.

Are you healthy and fit?

Are You Healthy and Fit?

Are You Healthy and Fit?

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