I enjoy my Sunday coupon clipping.  Usually I can find house cleaners, detergents, paper products, etc. that can save me money.  Sometimes there are kid products like cereals or snacks that I can definitely use.  Occasionally I will find an item or two like almond milk or coffee that makes me happy since I was going to buy it anyway.

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Are You Into Drugs?

This time look what I found.  It was basically all medicine.  I couldn’t believe it.  Allergy issues, sleep problems, digestive pain and all types of cold medicine.  What does this say about our society?  We no longer need to save money on food.  We NEED to save money on drugs.  Why?  We spend too much money on drugs.  We buy too much drugs.  We rely heavily on drugs.  And this is just the over the counter stuff.  I am not anti-drug.  I am anti-drug dependent.

Funny thing about this coupon experience is that I was cutting them out, “just in case”.  Then I noticed it was a pile of chemicals.  I don’t want to be a pile of chemicals – so I threw them all away.  I will do what I always do.  If I can’t sleep I will read my mediation books, try a lavender bath and write out my thoughts.  If my stomach hurts I will take peppermint spirits, put a heating pack on my belly and not eat the things that bother my stomach.  If I get sick I will take a eucalyptus shower, double my dosage of olive leaf oil and wrap myself up in bed.  Luckily I don’t fight allergies but I have heard the best results come from daily Neti pot usage.  Again I am not anti-drug.  I prefer to exhaust all my natural means before hitting up the drugs.

Are you into drugs?

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