I recently had to tell a client to go through her fridge and pantry and throw out everything that does not benefit her health and fitness goals.  I know this may seem drastic but I have a method to my madness.  You need to feel safe.

You should be able to go home, relax and feel safe.  If you open your fridge there should be fresh produce so that you are safe to choose something to eat.  If you open your pantry there should be nothing but healthy choices so that you can feel safe to eat whatever you want.  Your home is your safe place and if it is not – change it!

Everyone needs to feel safe.  Safe to be vulnerable without judgement.  Safe to feel weak without pity.  Safe to be intimate without feeling threatened.  It is exhausting to go through life always on “guard” – feeling you must protect yourself and you must defend yourself all the time.  No one is expected to be strong 24/7 and in order to be comfortable enough to let down your “guard” you need to feel safe.

When you go home make sure your health and fitness goals aren’t being compromised in your safe place.  If you have crackers and chips in your pantry, throw them out.  They will only fill you up and not fuel you.  If you have diet drinks and soda in your fridge, throw them out.  They will only spike your blood sugar and will not hydrate you.  If you have leftover candy from the holidays, throw it out.  It will only create tooth decay and will not feed your muscles.  Make your home a safe place to be healthy with ease.

Are you safe?

Are You Safe?

Are You Safe?

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