Avocado Toast 2.0

Come on Kimchi Avocado Sprouted Toast - what could be wrong?

- One slice of ALL Sprouted bread (Not all breads are ALL sprouted. They may say “sprouted” but that is just the first couple ingredients. I love Food for Life, Ezekiel 4:9)
- Half of One Small Avocado
- As Much Kimchi your belly and breath can handle (I like Wildbrine Kimchi because it has no fish sauce and it’s not super garlic-ky.)


Sprouted - high fiber & more protein, **good for muscles
Avocado - more potassium & healthy fatty acids
**great for heart
Kimchi - excellent vegetable probiotic (Most people think you have to eat yogurt but guess what?? You don’t. You now have a vegetable option and the one I like is a vegan option with no fish sauce, Wildbrine Kimchi.)
** reduce inflammation
** strengthen immune system
** aid in weight loss
** support heart health
** boosts of vitamin A & C
** low in calories but high in taste!!

Be Healthy & Be Happy -

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