Be A Hero

What are your excuses at the moment that are preventing you from being healthy and happy? Are you sad because of social distancing? Are you angry at the government? Are you frustrated with society? What is the reason that stops you from working on your health and happiness? There are two ways to navigate this story we are in. 1) You can be the victim. Blame the world, virus, government, people, news, etc which takes a lot of energy to hold onto and prevents you from channeling other avenues of potential. 0R 2) Be the HERO: Helpful, Empathetic, Resourceful, Optimistic. If you put the same energy into helping people because you have empathy for all living beings then your mindset becomes resourceful instead of resentful and you have an internal optimistic outlook that cannot be taken from you. You become the HERO of your own story. You stop allowing others to impact your health and happiness. You get to be healthy and happy no matter what. Be a HERO!

Be Healthy – Be Happy

No Excuses!

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