Be Better Each Year!
Last year I made an oath to have a better birthday. That is all we can do - right? Be better each year.
I had no idea how it would be better.
I wasn’t really sure what would change to make it better.
I didn’t know what I would do to have better.
I just knew - it HAD to be better.
I am a true believer, as posted on Tuesday that in order to gain health you must add more good clean juju GCJ. In order to gain happiness - it works differently. You cannot add more to make happiness. You cannot buy more stuff, make more money, have more friends to be happier. More does not equal Happy.
Guess what -
Reduce = Happy
Eliminate = Happy
Let Go = Happy
Reduce your drama. Eliminate chaos.
Let go of what no longer serves you.
Starting my 50th year on this planet - meaning I am turning 50 10/1/2021,
there is one thing that I am certain of-
To gain Health, you must add more good clean stuff.
To gain Happiness, you must get rid of the bad toxic shit.
Cheers to a better birthday, a healthier year and a happier me!!

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