This may be painful

By LisaFIT | April 25, 2021

“It is so painful!” I hear that a lot in my line of work. Holding a low push up – “It is so painful!” Hill climbs on the spin bike – “It is so painful!” Lifting torso higher in an abdominal crunch – “It is so painful!” Foam rolling the calves – “It is so…

Feel Everything

By LisaFIT | April 23, 2021

I ask clients all the time – “What do you feel?” “Where do you feel it?” “How do you feel today?” I get an array of answers which is totally fine. The only answer I WILL NOT accept is, “I don’t feel anything.” WTF?!? If you do something and feel nothing, what are you doing?…

Happy Earth Day!

By LisaFIT | April 22, 2021

Here are the first of my 2021 spring roses. Last year in one of my newsletters I told you the full rose story. It was pretty cool. Here is the short version: Sprouts was handing out free dying baby rose bushes. Sign-It, had a dead plant in a big pot and I asked, “Can I…


By LisaFIT | April 21, 2021

Sometimes you have to: – Change your perspective – Bare yourself, be vulnerable – Struggle, be challenged – And just breathe “Remedy” by Adele

It was a good day!

By LisaFIT | April 20, 2021

Tuesday’s are a good day! I am at my studio from 6A – 730P, yep yep. Do the math and that is a lot of LisaFit I really do my best to go into it super grateful and thankful to be so busy. I prepare my full day of meals. I meditate a little longer…

What I do when you don’t show up!

By LisaFIT | April 19, 2021

This is what I do when you don’t show up for a session. Inner thigh band work: Hold the band down with one foot, leg is bent. Place ankle in band with straight leg and lift up. Do left and right, go back abs forth until you just can’t do it no more!

What is Savasana?

By LisaFIT | April 16, 2021

Savasana” (shah-VAHS-uh-nuh) – Shavasana – Corpse Pose, is a pose in most yoga classes, often used for relaxation at the end of a session, simply put. This is how I guide someone into Savasana: Pull yourself into a ball. Tighten every inch of your body. Curl your toes. Flex your ankles. Compress your knees. Wrap…

Honey – I 🧡 U

By LisaFIT | April 15, 2021

How many of you use honey? I use it in my coffee. I sweeten my tea. I mix it into sauces. I put it on wounds. I add it to facial masks. I spoonful it when I have a sore throat. Honey has antioxidant properties, meaning it protects you from the bad stuff. Honey is…

Where is your happy place?

By LisaFIT | April 12, 2021

Where Is Your Happy Place? I cleared my entire Sunday because I got my second vaccination on Saturday. I was told by many people that I “could” and “would” have side effects therefore I did take some precautions. I rested all day Friday after work and made a huge batch of hot and sour soup…

How Do You Practice Stillness?

By LisaFIT | April 8, 2021

In a world where people can stay “busy” all the time with electronics, practicing stillness is more important than ever. Sleeping, Watching TV, Sitting at Computer, Driving – do not count as stillness. I am talking pure stillness. Where the body AND the mind are still, that means no movement whatsoever. The obvious is that…