Are You Essential?

By LisaFIT | March 22, 2021

PART 2 of me getting the COVID-19. I get to make an appointment with Sharp because I sign myself up as “other essential worker”. I print up all of my certifications and accreditations plus my CPR and insurance. I bring the letter you see above which is just me talking about me being essential. I…

Come & Get It!

By LisaFIT | March 18, 2021

One thing I have missed through all of the pandemic is physically touching people. Does that sound creepy? I am not a serial hugger kind of touchy-feely person. I am more of a “reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place, if you can” (Diana Ross). Pre-pandemic: At coffee house, barista…

3 Strikes – I Am Out!

By LisaFIT | March 16, 2021

Three Strikes – I Am Out! I am an effin rule follower to a fault. I am no good at fibbing for the sake of personal gain. I suck at exaggerating the truth to get away with something. I am not a good faker, cheater, bull shitter or liar. I am the worse. That isn’t…

How Many Times Have You Tried?

By LisaFIT | March 15, 2021

Read what people are saying about the Wellness Journal – “I received the LisaFit daily journal as a gift. I have tried journaling 80,000 times in my life and I start for a day or two and that’s about as long as it lasts. Lisa’s journal is so different. Not only does it keep you…

What’s Your Excuse?

By LisaFIT | March 12, 2021

You cannot tell by the photo, but it is freezing cold in the parking structure / make-shift gym. The gym is packed because it’s the first break of dryness after a couple days of rain. It is past sunrise which is NOT my body’s optimum time to train AND – I am tired, hungry, cold,…

When life gives you πŸ‹ πŸ‹ πŸ‹ lemons …..

By LisaFIT | March 10, 2021

When life gives you lemons …..

Got LisaFIT?

By LisaFIT | March 9, 2021

Here is what people are saying: “I had a great experience with LisaFit’sWellness Journal! I had a creeping suspicion that I should be keeping track of what I was eating but I never had let myself. When my wife expressed interest in LisaFit’s Wellness Journal, I thought it would be a good tool for finally…

I am thinking of quitting

By LisaFIT | March 8, 2021

A client told me the other day, “I am thinking of quitting”. My reply, “Go ahead and think about quitting all you want – just don’t quit!” It is going to be hard. Sometimes it will be boring. Most of the times you won’t like it. And get this – you are not alone. #dontquit…

Who Do You Want To Be?

By LisaFIT | March 4, 2021

There is so much to say about this photo. First and foremost – Saturday night I will be watching the reigning title holder, Amanda Nunes defend her title as featherweight champion. When I was younger, I wanted to be a ring girl. I thought walking around in a bikini holding a sign was super cool.…

Are You Good?

By LisaFIT | March 3, 2021

Second day of surfing and it seems the question of the day is, “Are you good?” I am so hesitant to answer that question. I am by far not experienced at surfing. I am guessing that to many standards I would be considered, “not good”. I just don’t like to think of myself as not…