Bring Your Dog To Exercise at LisaFit!

One of the perks to being a business owner is that I get to say, “YES - you can bring your dog!!” In fact, if you leave your dog all day to go to work and then head to me after work feeling guilty for not being with your dog then PLEASE, bring your dog.
I have Franky, who loves meeting new dogs - NOT, but he is learning to be more social. Bring your dog, the two can play and you get to exercise.
You get to workout.
Your dog gets social interaction.
You feel good instead of guilty.
Your dog gets to be with you.
It’s a Win-Win!
Give it a try. Bring your dog but first you have to book a session.
Click the link to schedule a free session AND bring your dog.
Bring Your Dog To Exercise at LisaFit!
Bring Your Dog To Exercise at LisaFit!1

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